How to Find Great Music Playlists to Keep You Pumped in the Gym

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut listening to the same music all the time. When you are in the gym though, it is essential to have songs that keep your energy level up. Looking for new music playlists might seem challenging but it can be done in a few simple steps.


Check out Spotify’s selection of playlists. Simply create an account or login. Next search “workout playlist” in the search bar. It will come back with many results for all kinds of genres of music. If you are a fan of rock music, check out this playlist. It features classic and contemporary rock with artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers and AC/DC. 

Amazon Music

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you have to check out there wide variety of workout playlists. They have a whole category devoted to these playlists in their playlist selection. Fans of Hip-Hop should check out this playlist. Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and Big Sean are just a few of the artists you will hear.


If you do not feel like making an account on a service, YouTube is a good bet for multiple playlists. Again simply search for any variant of workout playlist: running playlist, yoga playlist or any other activity you may be doing. There will be many results with numerous curators. You are sure to find something that pleases your ears while you are working out intensely. If you are a fan of upbeat pop or EDM music, take a look at this playlist. It has everything from Katy Perry to Avicii featured on it.

There is a workout playlist that will be perfect for anyone to stay active. Use your newfound searching skills and find the right one for you!