6 Foods You Should Eat For Building Muscle

Building muscle takes a lot more than just a strong workout plan. If you want significant lean-muscle gain, then the time you spend in the kitchen is just as important as the time you spend in the gym. Here are six foods that are sure to help you build muscle and finally get the body of your dreams:

 Lean Beef: Not only is beef high in protein, but it also contains B-vitamins, iron, and zinc. All of these are essential for muscle growth.

Chicken: Like beef, chicken is high in protein, though it is lower in fat than beef. Chicken is also a great food to eat regularly simply because you can prepare it in so many ways.

Salmon: Salmon is high in protein, though its most notable health benefits come from the high levels of omega 3s it contains. Omega 3s are shown to improve heart and brain health, and even assist in muscle growth.

Eggs: Eggs are often called a “perfect protein” because, along with high levels of protein, they also contain all nine essential amino acids, which are necessary for muscle growth, recovery, and maintenance.

Quinoa: Like eggs, Quinoa is packed with protein and all nine essential amino acids. This South American grain is also rich in iron, fiber, and magnesium, and is known for being easy to digest.

Almonds: Almonds are full of protein and healthy fats. They also contain a high level of vitamin E, an antioxidant that will help you to recover more quickly from your workout.

If you want to build muscle, a protein-rich diet is essential. There is much more to consider, however, when designing your muscle-building meal plan. A diet utilizing many of the foods listed above, along with a focused training regiment, will lead to big muscle gains as you work to develop and maintain your dream body.