Herbs and Spices That Can Give Your Favorite Foods a Low-Calorie Kick

The answer to bland health food is right in the produce section of your grocery store. Seriously, if you have never taken the time to find all of the glorious fresh herbs your local market has to offer then you are missing out on a very simple way to add flavor to your foods without adding any of the bad stuff. Here are 4 of my favorite herbs and how to use them to add a kick to your meals.


Fresh ginger, which has a pale brown color and yellow or gold flesh, has a warm spicy flavor. It is a very popular spice in many types of Asian cuisine. Try grating it in your next stir-fry!


I’m not talking about those sad little dry leaves you bought in the spice section, fresh basil is a really delicious herb that will take your Italian style dishes to the next level. You can chop it up into fine ribbons and add it to whole wheat or quinoa pasta, zucchini noodles, or get creative and make your own cauliflower crust pizza with fresh basil. Additionally, basil is a common ingredient in Thai cuisine so if you are an adventurous cook, try adding it to your next Thai inspired dish.


Dill has a unique flavor that is aromatic and sweet and can spice up a large variety of recipes. I like to add it to chicken salad, put it on top of salmon, or mix it with yogurt and cucumber for a delicious and refreshing tzatziki sauce. This is one herb you can really get creative with.


Cilantro isn’t just green stuff to pick off your taco, it adds a cool and refreshing flavor to dishes. It is common in Mexican cuisine but is also delicious in curry. Garnish your next low-cal taco bowl or add it to homemade salsa.

Fresh herbs add a lot of interest to your meals without adding anything you don’t want, in fact, fresh herbs can boost the health value of your meals. Ginger, for instance, is said to calm an upset stomach and improve blood flow. If you are still eating boring health food after these tips, that’s on you.